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The BOG BLOG - short for Beavers O’Connell Group Blog - is your one stop shop for questions, answers, ramblings, education, tricks and tips on real estate, construction and business law. As litigators in these areas, we have both seen our fair share of issues arise and have learned so much from them. Frankly, I think an attorney would be lying to you if they said they didn't learn some of their greatest lessons in their career outside of a book. That's why we wanted to turn our litigation and practice experiences into lessons for you - hopefully, before they are turn into disasters. This educational blog is a culmination the questions we receive daily, the lessons we have learned in practice, and the realization that many problems can be avoided with the appropriate amount of foresight. 

From time to time you might see non-legal educational posts related to some of our favorite things. Why? Because we are people, too. Our interests range from skiing (Lyndsey and Caroline have the Epic Local Pass and Ikon Pass, respectively), traveling, fishing and exploring the ever-changing areas around Denver.

We decided to start this blog because of our passions. Lucky for us, our passions align with our professional work. Lyndsey and Caroline both enjoy learning about and teaching others about real estate, construction and entrepreneurship. It is an added bonus when all three are involved! They both enjoy collaborating with people who have similar passions and interests. 




Real Estate law in Colorado is a hot button topic because every day thousands of new residents are flocking to this beautiful state. This creates a highly competitive market and culture. Be informed and prepared. 



Construction law and litigation in Colorado is constantly changing and relevant. Simply look at the ever-changing skyline of Denver and count the numerous cranes in the sky. Whether you are a developer, contractor or homeowner, you should be in the know. 



Business law is one of the most diverse, complex and inclusive areas of law out there. Whether you are starting a business or ending one it is critical that the proper procedures be taken.

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Caroline and Lyndsey are Denver-based real estate and construction lawyers licensed in Colorado.