About The Writers

Lyndsey A. Mott J.D.

Lyndsey graduated from a small private school in Greenville, Mississippi where writing was the escape to worlds may had never seen before.  After high school, Lyndsey moved to the big city of Jackson, Mississippi (insert eye roll). While there though, Lyndsey found her voice. That voice was at Millsaps College. This school has a tremendous focus on writing improvement and exploration, which she took full advantage of. In fact, she turned it into a major. Lyndsey graduated with a BS in Education with a special focus in childhood literacy and special education. 

After teaching for a few years, Lyndsey became part owner of a construction company, wherein she got to continue her creativity in a more tangible way. The natural progression became real estate sales, which Lyndsey entered into and quickly fell in love with. As a million dollar producer in her first year and multi-million dollar producer in her second, love turned to success. 

Because that wasn't enough, Lyndsey decided to quit her job, move to San Antonio, Texas and attend law school at St, Mary's University School of Law. While a student, Lyndsey worked at the prestigious Watts Guerra, LLP as a research clerk and then moved to Oliva, Saks, Garcia & Curiel, LLP where she quickly got the itch for real estate and construction litigation. 

Although not a native to Colorado, Lyndsey knew pretty immediately that Colorado was going to be her forever home, In 2017, Lyndsey moved to Colorado, successfully completed the bar and has since been co-managing a busy litigation practice. 

Lyndsey always dreamed of writing a book. As much fun as a romance or thriller would have been, legal reference was her choice of topic. #dontjudge However, since that dream hasn't yet become a reality, the BOG Blog is the interim writing fix. 

She loves to learn. She loves to explore, She loves her husband, Kevin. And they love to fish, camp, hike, ski, bike, travel and whatever other adventure our amazing earth provides!

Lyndsey is admitted to practice law in Colorado and the Federal District Court of Colorado. 

Caroline H. Beavers J.D., M.B.A.

Caroline first flexed her writing muscle during her high school creative writing class. While Caroline still writes short stories she has moved on to drafting briefs and motions to the Colorado State and Federal Courts. Caroline grew up working on rice and cattle farms in small town Arkansas. She spent her formative years working on her father's land with her older brother, who has since joined the family business. While her roots are firmly planted in that small town in Arkansas (literally and figuratively) she loves her new home. Caroline graduated from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville in 2010 with a degree in Financial Management and Investment. 

After college, she earned her Master’s degree in Business Administration from Harding University. During this time Caroline wrote papers to her professors  about the best ways to start and run a successful small business in large and small markets. 

Caroline attended law school at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock at the Bowen School of Law. There, she earned her J.D., while working as an attorney in the Bowen Tax Clinic, externing with Housing and Urban Development in the office of their general counsel, and serving as president of the UALR Public Interest law society. During law school, Caroline also worked at the Dillard’s corporate headquarters in Little Rock in their real estate department as a transactional real estate associate.

Caroline has practiced extensively in construction defect law, commercial law and business litigation, and real estate law. She enjoys representing homeowners, HOA’s, small business owners and contractors/subcontractors/vendors/material suppliers. Caroline knows her way around both private and public construction contracts and has been known to review same at the base of a mountain or at one of Denver's many beautiful parks. 

While Caroline is not a Colorado native, she has taken to the state. Caroline has a forever love of the natural state, and will always support the Arkansas Razorbacks, but is all about exploring Colorado and its perfect blend of nature and city life. Having grown up on a cattle and row crop farm in Arkansas, the proximity of the Denver metro area to the mountains has provided a change of pace she desired. When she is not practicing law, Caroline enjoys fishing on the river, hiking, skiing and attending shows at the many amazing music venues in Colorado.

Caroline is admitted to practice law in Colorado, Arkansas and the Federal District Court of Colorado.